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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
Ever Gains (Hk) LimitedEver Gains (Hk) LimitedHong KongOther Nondepository Credit Intermediation< 1M2003It is a company that conducts business such as finance, real estate rental, and renovation. Group companies are engaged in building financing, real estate rental management, and consumer finance.
Research and Development Finance LimitedResearch and Development Finance LimitedHong KongReal Estate Credit1998He conducts financial and business consulting. It is characterized by the fact that it mainly deals with business loans for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, we also respond to consultations on loan means.
AGRI-FINANCE SOLUTIONS LIMITEDAGRI-FINANCE SOLUTIONS LIMITEDNew ZealandOther Nondepository Credit Intermediation< 1M<= 1002007It is a company that provides financial services such as consumer lending and business card lending. He also develops, operates, and maintains systems related to the financial industry. In addition, we also provide consulting on information collection systems and customer management systems.
TACTICAL DEFENCE SECURITY GROUP SDN. BHD.TACTICAL DEFENCE SECURITY GROUP SDN. BHD.MalaysiaProfessional, Scientific, Tech. ServicesMainly as a group, we undertake consulting services such as finance, human resources, and general affairs within the group. In addition, as a security business, we are engaged in the sale and installation of security cameras and other security equipment. In addition, he is also engaged in restaurant management and temporary staffing business.
G & T SALES UNIT TRUSTG & T SALES UNIT TRUSTAustraliaHealth Care and Social AssistanceA company that mainly sells crime prevention and disaster prevention equipment and conducts various loans and business loans. It also manages group companies, and is characterized by the fact that they are engaged in business with group companies. In addition, we also provide non-life insurance agency services and consumer finance services.
SAY COMMUNICATIONS LIMITEDSAY COMMUNICATIONS LIMITEDNew ZealandEducational Support Services< 1M<= 1002017He provides information on finance, real estate, and food. It also operates a correspondence education system for companies and members.
Traders Development LimitedTraders Development LimitedHong KongSecurities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities1999A company that provides trade and financial services to individuals and corporations. It also lends consumer funds as a consumer finance.
SILVER NET COMPANY LIMITEDSILVER NET COMPANY LIMITEDMyanmar31 - Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Apparel, Leather, & Allied Products, Textile Mills, Textile Product Mills< 1M<= 1002014We are engaged in textile trade. In addition, as a consumer finance business, we undertake the purchase and sale of bill discounts and commercial bill discounts. In addition, he is engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of textiles for women.
Claims Adjusting Company LimitedClaims Adjusting Company LimitedHong KongCredit Intermediation and Related Activities2002He is engaged in compensation consulting and real estate collateral surveys. In addition, we respond to market research and evaluation of properties, as well as appraisal and evaluation of fixed asset valuation. In addition, consumer finance and business loans are also handled.
Novel Top AcademyNovel Top AcademySouth KoreaInformationWrite and sell specialized books such as legal and finance, hobbies, and practical books. He also works on copywriting, bookbinding, and web sales.
IT Life Co., Ltd.IT Life Co., Ltd.South KoreaElectrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing< 1MIt is a company that conducts textile processing business. It also handles real estate leasing, non-life insurance agency, and consumer finance.
Billion Boss LimitedBillion Boss LimitedHong KongCredit Intermediation and Related Activities< 1M1998He engages in business management and consulting for companies and consumers. It also conducts fund business, including venture companies, and stock investment businesses by sub-leasing and group companies. In addition, he also handles real estate leasing business and consumer finance business.
FUTURE SPREAD LIMITEDFUTURE SPREAD LIMITEDNew ZealandFinance and Insurance10M - 100M500 - 7002004Conducts personal finance, real estate business, and credit business. It also conducts insurance business and group business. In addition, he also handles real estate leasing business and consumer finance business.
ASSET MANAGEMENT NETWORK LIMITEDASSET MANAGEMENT NETWORK LIMITEDNew ZealandProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services10M - 100M500 - 7002002Engines consulting on business revitalization and personal finance. It also conducts real estate management and financial planning. Other activities include the management of a group company.
Profit Rising LimitedProfit Rising LimitedHong KongPolitical Organizations2004It is engaged in business management of group companies such as cram schools and consumer finance.
World Business Consulting LimitedWorld Business Consulting LimitedHong KongOther Personal Services2009He conducts financial consulting, such as M&A advice and corporate revitalization advice. It also supports corporate management, finance, and human resources consulting, such as overseas expansion.
Eusia Business Consultancy LimitedEusia Business Consultancy LimitedHong KongOther Services (except Public Administration)2004A company that conducts consulting on management, finance, and human resources in general. We provide a wide range of support from M&A consulting to small and medium-sized enterprise revitalization, and overseas expansion support. It also provides services such as proposing the use of AI to improve business performance.
LOVE HEALTH MARKETINGLOVE HEALTH MARKETINGPhilippinesProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services1M - 5M> 700A company that conducts marketing research and consulting for the purpose of acquiring loyal customers. As an agency of Internet advertising, he is responsible for advertising in a wide range of fields such as finance, real estate, distribution, and so on.
A&G Co.,Ltd.A&G Co.,Ltd.South KoreaCommodity Contracts Dealing1M - 5MConsulting and trade on trade. In addition, he also handles consumer finance, information services, and real estate leasing.
United Surplus LimitedUnited Surplus LimitedHong KongPolitical Organizations2006It is a company that manufactures and processes textiles. As a group company, we are developing technologies such as “tea foam” and “fiber cushion”. In addition, as a consumer finance business, we provide financing services for companies and individuals using the Internet.