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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
Asia Dental Clinic HospitalAsia Dental Clinic HospitalSouth KoreaOffice Administrative ServicesManufactures and sells dental laboratics for inlays, crowns and bridges, and other attachment dentures. It also supports the opening of dental clinics, and undertakes from land search to business planning and construction.
MerckMerckIndonesiaPassenger Car Rental< 1M<= 1002016We are engaged in the rental business of condominiums, buildings and parking lots. In addition, we also undertake tobies/earthworks, concrete works, and road pavement works.
STAR OUTSOURCINGSTAR OUTSOURCINGPhilippinesConstruction> 100M> 700We dispatch engineers with skills in construction, civil engineering, and machinery. We also provide scheduled referral dispatch and paid job introduction. In addition, the company also performs warehouse work such as product packaging and shipping work.
Trans-Global Mining Co., Ltd.Trans-Global Mining Co., Ltd.MyanmarMining, Quarrying, Oil, Gas Extraction< 1M<= 1002012It is a company that conducts environmental conservation business such as mines and construction, and manufactures and sells agricultural materials and building materials. In addition, it exports to overseas countries.
Java OnlineJava OnlineIndonesiaEducational Services< 1M<= 1002012A company that is engaged in the system development business. We develop and sell “SCREEN”, a service that allows you to search for corporate searches on the web, and also conduct consulting services. In addition, we have also developed a “used machine search” as an application.
PREMIUM LIVING SOLUTIONS COMPANY LIMITEDPREMIUM LIVING SOLUTIONS COMPANY LIMITEDMyanmarProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services< 1M<= 1002017We are engaged in the IT solution business, which is a system construction business for the purpose of improving operational efficiency. It also provides services such as cloud services that can be used with tablets and smartphones, and call center services that can respond to inquiries and technical support by e-mail.
TRENDS DATA BASE RESEARCH CORPTRENDS DATA BASE RESEARCH CORPPhilippinesConstruction1M - 5M> 700From research planning to data management of big data, we make use of our own database to make use of our expertise. It is characterized by the fact that it accumulates and utilizes the collected data.
 URBAN HUB URBAN HUB CambodiaConstruction< 1M<= 1002017A company that designs and constructs commercial facilities such as restaurants and supermarkets, and public facilities such as children's centers and community centers. He also works on the construction of custom houses using natural materials such as solid wood and stone. It has a track record of building multipurpose halls and private residences. Becoming a fast-growing design and build company in the city, we aspire to make our mark on the country’s stage by making a significant contribution to the field of architecture, interior design, construction and environment in the country.<br>With this approach, our design philosophy embraces the ethics, values, beliefs, experience and culture for us to process a design and infused with every single requirement to exceed the client expectation and satisfaction.<br>One of the companies in CTS Group, Urban Architecture is an international platform company that specializes in the field of architecture and interior design, as well as in the field of project management and construction.
NEW CHINA GREAT WALL COMPANY LIMITEDNEW CHINA GREAT WALL COMPANY LIMITEDMyanmarConstruction< 1M<= 1002016A company that imports and wholesales interior and exterior materials such as walls, floors, and ceilings of buildings. In addition, he also provides consulting services such as overseas expansion support and trade operations support. We also undertake the development of materials and construction methods in the interior and exterior field.
CANG HAI THINHCANG HAI THINHVietnamMotor Vehicle and Parts Dealers2006Owns a large number of ships, such as working boats and pleasure boats, and is engaged in the construction, repair and storage of ships. In addition, we are engaged in the rental business of various ships, including excavators, and the manufacture and sale of marine related products. Building of pleasure and sporting boats
Goodtime LimitedGoodtime LimitedHong KongEducational Support Services< 1M1999Mainly engaged in concrete construction and real estate sales. Other features include housing remodeling, real estate rental, and freight transportation.
Wire & Wire Products IndonesiaWire & Wire Products IndonesiaIndonesiaSpring and Wire Product Manufacturing< 1M<= 1002013Manufacture and wholesale wire ropes for various industries, such as telecommunications and construction. We handle a variety of wire ropes, such as for vehicles, ships, and aerospace. He also manufactures and wholesales wire processing products, such as wire harnesses and cables.
Ambient Digital IndonesiaAmbient Digital IndonesiaIndonesiaAdministrative, Support, Waste Mgmt., Remediation Services< 1M<= 1002013We provide information services such as website production and system construction for the purpose of improving business efficiency. In addition, he also works on translation services, movie production and subtitle production.
LIGHTHOUSE8 PTE. LTD.LIGHTHOUSE8 PTE. LTD.SingaporeConstruction< 1M<= 1002016Undertake the management and operation of sightseeing boats. In addition, he is engaged in the rental business of ships, marine construction, and the operation of group companies.
Crown WaterCrown WaterSouth KoreaNonresidential Building Construction< 1MWe sell mineral water and rent water dispensers. In addition, we undertake the design and construction of water supply and drainage equipment and water sanitary work.
Multi PanelMulti PanelIndonesiaConstruction Machinery Manufacturing< 1M<= 1002008We work on electrical equipment construction and communication work for universities, factories, buildings, and general houses. We also undertake installation work for mechanical equipment and solar power generation facilities. In addition, he also works on pipe work and wiring work.
 K G CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. K G CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. CambodiaConstruction< 1M<= 1002016Mainly engaged in formwork construction and rebar construction. He also works on wooden construction work and civil engineering work. In addition, we also undertake the renovation of houses.
THE PERFECT FINISH LIMITEDTHE PERFECT FINISH LIMITEDNew ZealandMachine Tool Manufacturing5M - 10M300 - 5002006We undertake the processing and manufacture of metal parts such as construction machinery. We are engaged in sheet metal processing, cutting, welding and polishing. It is characterized by the fact that we are engaged in integrated production from procurement of materials to assembly, painting and delivery.
COUNTRY ROAD COMPANY LIMITEDCOUNTRY ROAD COMPANY LIMITEDMyanmarConstruction< 1M<= 1002016We undertake civil engineering work such as road construction, jiyama construction, forest road construction, slope work, etc. It also collects and transports sediment generated at construction sites by dump trucks.
Pacific Export Import Co., Ltd.Pacific Export Import Co., Ltd.Myanmar33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, Miscellaneous10M - 100M500 - 7001995We are engaged in the customs clearance business of overseas cargo such as food and automobiles. It is characterized by the fact that it corresponds to the import and export of products directly connected to the ship. We also undertake the export of heavy machinery and other construction machinery.